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Invite friends to download OutIst let them know what you want to do. You can let friends or like-minded people near you to join you by swiping left or right. Our app lets you sign in easily with Facebook to create a quick event.


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Have you wanted to try a new dish or visit a grand opening? Try a new class with someone! How about an Urban Adventure or a Meetup for activities? If you’re dying to go somewhere but not alone, meet people with similar interests near you that want to do the same thing!




If you are new to the area, quickly meet people in the local community based on common activities. You can match with people based on similar interests so there is a connection, and if you felt comfortable meeting them you can give them a like or recommendation to let others know they are safe to meet!




Meeting people Nearby

Establish your community whether you’re new to the area or looking to explore!

  • Let your friends join you if you want to go somewhere
  • Host or join a meetup in a flash
  • Meet locals and neighbors in your surrounding area
  • Active feed of popular events and places nearby
  • Network efficiently based on common interests
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Our Mission

OutIst’s Philosophy

“We want to use the technology that has taken over peoples’ lives to revive the connection between individuals, by helping them to share their activities and common interests with the community around them.”

Our Mission Statement is to:

  • Meet more people around us and be a part of the community
  • Promote interesting events  and places nearby
  • Get people to go outside and try new things
  • Help people find something fun at any moment
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