Things to do in Washington

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Things to do in Washington

If you want to meet new people in Washington, we’ll be covering some of the best places you can go to make acquaintances. Exploring a massive city isn’t as much fun alone as it can be with friends, and there are plenty of potential buddies around; you just need to know where to go. And if you’re in the mood for something a little more esoteric, Washington can cater to all kinds of different tastes and desires.

Whether you like unique restaurants, rooftop bars, or going outdoors, we encourage you to meet cool people while discovering events near you.




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Meet People Washington

Meeting People and Making Friends in Washington Making friends and meeting people in Washington DC can have some twists and turns. Many people are career-focused & have their eyes on ever-expanding political goals, and you can’t really blame them. You’ve got the political staffers convinced they’re going to be the the 50th President of the United States, the politicians who would be genuinely qualified for the role, lobbyists who’ll influence their careers, and other roles we can think of. There ...
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