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Meeting People and Making Friends in Seattle

Making friends and meeting people in Seattle will be one of the first things you want to do if you’re a newcomer to the city.  Seattle, like in many other ways, is different, and the “Seattle Freeze” is more of a mainstay in the city as the Space Needle, if not more so.

Yes, right up there with Starbucks & the Seahawks, the Seattle Freeze is an institution & a constant. Gray weather, random occurrences, whatever you want to attribute it to, it’s very real, and you’ll be better off learning to live with it than trying to create a fix.

All of this being said, though, it’s a blast to find new people to hang out with as a transplant. Remember, you’re not alone in the search for human connection, and if you try some of these tips you’ll be bound to find someone on the same journey.

meetup activities


You might’ve seen that website name on some similar articles, and there’s a very good reason for that. People in cities across the world, including Seattle, have been flocking to this website to, well, meet up with all sorts of new people.

Video game nerds, craft beer enthusiasts & running junkies alike can find their new tribe by searching for one of the many, many meetups being organized on a daily basis.

Make sure to find events that occur regularly, too, since you’ll be able to connect with certain people on a deeper level if you so desire.


open mic

Open Mic

Some would rather discover their friends out in the wild, and we absolutely get it. Some want to get to know somebody’s inner self before even saying hello, and we definitely get that too. Where would someone like them find their new best friend?

How about open mic?

We’re not saying get the contact info of every slam poet who waltzes onto the stage, but if you see someone with a talent or message that really captures you, remember that they’re a person just like you & might be looking for a new friend themselves.

It wouldn’t hurt too bad to get up stage yourself, you know. Calm down, we know you’re not the next big thing, but neither are a lot of the people at open mic nights. Thankfully that’s not what it’s about! As long as you’re being creative, having fun, and not hurting anybody, you’re on point.


live music in seattle

Live Music

“Meeting that aspiring folk artist was pretty neat, but I want to see someone slightly more…professional on stage.” No problem! You’ve got a near-endless amount of options when it comes to catching shows here, no matter what genre you’re in the mood for.

This might be something to do when you’ve got a few friends in tow already, but it’s not unheard of to meet someone cool smoking outside of the venue (note: smoking isn’t cool and you shouldn’t do it, but we can’t make your choices).

Some shows might be smaller, too, and you might be able to strike up conversation with someone wearing merch from your favorite band between acts. Don’t hit on people that are just trying to enjoy the show, though; make an effort to read the room & don’t come off too eager.


make friends networking

Networking Events

If you’re like many a transplant, you probably came here for a new job at a fancy tech startup, an even fancier tech giant, or maybe even a company that people like.

Wherever you’ve landed, you’ll need to make connections to advance your career, and that sometimes means stopping by a networking event to load up on your monthly supply of hors d’oeuvres & business cards.

Remember, though: a lot of the people at events like this are professionals new to the city, and it’s likely they haven’t built up the widest of social pools. If you can tolerate hearing about their current job & their company’s latest endeavors, maybe you could handle getting a beer after.

If you need somewhere to start, you might find what you’re looking for at Impact Hub, a coworking space that hosts a variety of conferences, networking get-togethers, and other events targeted at the young career-minded residents of Seattle.


underdog sports in seattle

Sports League

There are, of course, those who prefer to bond over activity than profession, and we wouldn’t want to forget them in this list! Team sports are one of the best ways to make friends, even as an adult, and you’ve got choices when it comes to what sport you’re looking to play.

Bocce? They’ve got it. Softball? For sure. Cornhole? Absolutely. Don’t worry, they’ve got basketball & soccer too, but we just want you to know your options are plentiful.

There are a few organizations that offer these leagues, although Comeback Sports & Underdog are both well-known and are decent places to start your search for the perfect team.


hepcat dancing


“I don’t want to be a couch potato, certainly, but I’m wondering if there’s a different way for me to break a sweat.” If this sounds like you, it might be time to swing your way into a swing dance class!

“Ok, but I’m not 100 years old, why would I enjoy that?” Don’t be so judgemental, there are all sorts of people, across all different age groups, that’ve swung the night away & made quite a few friends as a result.

You don’t even need to bring a partner with you! People come by themselves all the time, and we’re sure you’ll be able to bust moves with some of them. Try out the classes put on by HepCat Productions if this is seeming like your next night out.

If you’re an experienced “Lindy Hopper,” as they call them, you’ve even got options to enroll in a class more fitting to your abilities.


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