Activities for Making Friends in SF

making new friends san francisco

Making Friends in San Francisco

As luck would have it, San Francisco attracts many types of people, and many types of social activities have sprung up in turn! Whether you’re the athletic type, a geek at heart, or just like having quality beer, the city has plenty of opportunities to meet new people.



House of Air

I don’t know about you, but most of my happy childhood memories are associated with trampolines to some degree. If you’re the same way, I’ve got some great news for you. House of Air has trampolines from corner to corner, and you can hop on every single one.

Besides this being an aerial wonderland, it can also be a great place to get to know like-minded, bounce-inclined companions. They offer all sorts of programs and classes, including workouts and dodgeball matches, where you’re bound to hop (pun very intended) into a new friendship.


meeting people through sports activities

Sports League

Maybe you want to break a sweat with people, but in a way that involves fewer aerial maneuvers & mostly happens on the ground. We’ve got just the suggestion for you.

If you’re still convinced you were the shining star of your varsity basketball team, or the kickball champion in your class, you’ve got every reason to sign up with a sports league in the city!

Whether you want to play soccer, volleyball, softball, or ultimate frisbee, there’s a league that wants you. You can also find leagues for bowling, bocce ball, sailing, cornhole, and floor hockey.

Both ZogSports and SF Social host their own leagues, along with other ones around the area.


meet people with dungeons and dragons

Dungeons and Dragons

Were you sweating just thinking about those last two? It’s okay, I can relate. Perhaps your interests lie in the realm of fantasy & adventure. Maybe you get more enjoyment from exercising your imagination than working out your actual body. Yes, even you can make friends in the city.

The key to this quest? You might’ve already heard the name, but know more about the stereotypes than the game itself. I’m speaking, of course, about Dungeons & Dragons.

No matter what you’ve heard about gatekeeping veterans & snobby attitudes (which certainly exist in the community), the game can be surprisingly easy to get into when you play with the right group.

You can sometimes attend group games at comic book & game stores, but there are also plenty of events arranged on Meetup.com.

Since you focus on a common goal, end up in sometimes humorous situations, and cooperate with the other players constantly, it’s a perfect way to start forming friendships with people no matter how introverted you might be.


art class activities in san francisco

Art Class

Just as people bond over common goals in a game like D&D, people in an art class work together toward a communal desire for knowledge of the art form being studied.

If you feel like working with certain classmates afterward, or want to compare ideas, this can be a great chance to get to know people outside of your office (or wherever you happen to spend most of your day).

“Hey, I loved your painting!” “Wow! I love yours too!” Boom, best friends for life. Okay, maybe not, but it’s a great place to start. Root Division, a nonprofit in the area, offers a decent array of classes, along with the Art School of San Francisco Bay.


meet people filbert steps urban hike

Urban Hikes

Everyone likes walking around once in a while, sure, but for those who enjoy walking around with purpose, you might be surprised to learn that it can be a great way to make new friends.

Noted as one of the best “Staycations” in the city according to SFist, the Urban Hiking & Happy Hour group is a fine assortment of people that go on all sorts of adventures around San Francisco’s urban landscape.

You can even bring your dog, although they aren’t guaranteed entry into certain areas the group might walk through, so keep that in mind.

At the end of the walks, which happen on weekends & last from 12-1:00 to 5-6:00 PM, there’s also a get-together at a bar. Non-drinkers are welcome as well, and you’re not obligated to stay at the bar if you’re not up to it.

If you’re ready to start your urban adventure, you can find out more information concerning their rules and register for a walk on their Meetup page.


boom boom room

Open Mic

Calm down. You don’t have to perform if you don’t want to. If you want to make the sort of friends that enjoy risking it all on stage, or enjoy watching other people do so, an open mic performance can be a wonderful place to find yourself.

Of course, this isn’t the sort of event unique to San Francisco. Nearly any city with a notable population has an open mic of some sort, but few cities have the artistic & eccentric underbelly that the Bay Area has fostered for much of its history.

That sort of spirit means that you’ll be able to watch, and maybe take part in, a thriving underground scene of musicians, poets, comics, and the like. These folks & their supporters need to stick together in the world, and an open mic is the perfect place to meet them.

We’re sure you’ll be able to find one by just walking around the streets and popping into random bars for a few hours, but if you don’t have that kind of time and energy you can find all the places that offer a mic & stage on this website.



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