Best Places to Meet People in SF

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Best Places to Meet People in SF

Even though they have higher concentrations of people, cities can be lonely places sometimes. People are out there, but it can be difficult to reach out to them or go to where they are in the first place.

The main reason for this, of course, is money. Uber & Lyft costs stack up eventually, public transport isn’t an option everywhere, and walking can get tiring fast. You have to know exactly where you want to go, lest you end up in the red for the month.

As with most cities, a lot of people in SF are looking for different things in their romantic journey. If you ask certain locals, monogamy is out of the picture for the most part, but things can also move fast if they’re looking to cohabitate & make their lives that much more affordable.

With the combination of career-driven & open minded attitudes that make up the Bay Area landscape, people have found their ways to find each other, hook up, fall in love, and maybe go splitsies on a 1-bedroom closer to downtown.


Planet Granite

No, this isn’t an exhibition of different types of granite; it’s actually a rock climbing gym.

“That somehow sounds less sexy,” you’re probably thinking, but hear me out. Rock climbers are known to be in shape & generally attractive, along with being social by nature. They plan how they’ll get to the top by talking with each other and comparing different strategies & approaches.

Think about that; not only could you have extended conversation with a cutie, you’d get to watch each other climb up walls & show off your athletic prowess (or lack thereof). If you want to get a workout in while finding a dreamboat, this is the spot where you want to be.

Like most climbing gyms, they offer memberships as well as day passes. Find more details on their website.


social study meet people sf

The Social Study

Maybe you want to find someone who can play as hard as they work. Being a coffee lounge by day & hip bar by night, The Social Study is the perfect place to find someone that can do both. With cozy decorations, bright atmosphere and movie showings, it attracts locals & visitors alike.

Get work done while having a cup of joe & some lunch, find someone who really catches your eye, and stick around for the evening to get acquainted. It’s the perfect plan, and quite a few people in the area have given it a shot for themselves. What’s stopping you?


El Rio for meeting people

El Rio

If you’re not too into the “Study” part of “The Social Study” and just want to find someone that can wreck you in ping pong, you might get lucky if you find yourself at El Rio.

It boasts a spacious bar & garden area, and refers to itself as “the kind of spot you bring your mama too!” You’ll find all sorts of people here, though, and as the night goes on it can become a perfect place to introduce yourself & break the ice.

Challenge them to one of the many games they offer, or just kick back & enjoy the relaxed vibes until you find someone you want to buy a drink.


meeting people through sports

Sports Leagues

As long as you’re not too hungover, it wouldn’t hurt to go out & get active. You can definitely meet people while you’re out on a run by yourself, but it’d be even easier if you were on a team with a bunch of equally athletically-inclined people.

Thought your days of team sports ended with your junior varsity glory days? Guess again, because there are organizations all over San Francisco that offer the people the chance to join many different sports leagues.

Whether you play basketball, soccer, softball, kickball, tennis, or even dodgeball, you’ve got a new chance to showcase your talents, and a lot of people you can get to know in the process.

There are a good amount of places that offer these opportunities. ZogSports and SF Social are two of the most popular, but a simple online search unveils several more options.


charity events

Charity Events

It’s well-known that uniting towards a common goal is a great way to get to know someone, and there are few better goals for people to unite towards than the improvement of their community.

Whether you want to assist with food drives, mental health organizations, shelters, youth centers, or animal rescue groups, there are plenty of charities that need your help in San Francisco, and there are plenty of people you can potentially meet in the process.

It should go without saying, though, that you should pick a cause that you actually believe in. There’s no bigger turn-off than being fake for the sake of finding romance.


speed dating san francisco

Speed Dating

We already know what you’re thinking. Speed dating has had a less than favorable reputation for as long as it’s been popularly known, but when you’re faced with the prospect of eternal loneliness you might be willing to try anything, and that’s exactly what we encourage.

No matter what you think about the type of people that go to these events, you truly never know who you’re going to run into. Who knows? You could end up finding someone who’s just as skeptical as you, and you two could bond over that. Just like that, you’re in love!

Or maybe you’re on the other side of their bed ordering an Uber the next morning. Either way, it’s something! There are a few groups that offer the experience that you can find if you look hard enough, but check out SF Quick Dates as a starting point.


Community College

There’s nothing sexier than a big, juicy, fat…brain. What? What did you think I was going to say? Anyway, knowledge is vital, and that doesn’t stop being the case when you’re looking for love.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to brush up your art or history knowledge anyway. Or perhaps you regret not  taking a certain class during college that you’ve been wanting to give a shot.

The City College of San Francisco offers a generous range of classes in all sorts of topics for an affordable price, and you can keep your schedule flexible enough to handle your other responsibilities in life.

As far as meeting people, schools are naturally social spaces, and setting up a mini study group with someone has never been a bad strategy to form a connection. Learn more about offered courses & other details here.



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