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Meeting People and Making Friends in Portland

So you’ve ended up in Portland, huh? Welcome! Whether you got a new job, want to explore the natural splendor the area has to offer, or watched one too many Portlandia episodes, it’s nice to have you here. Few cities do a better job of keeping things unique, and now you’re a part of the tapestry.

If you don’t know where to look, and want to see interesting options for going out, these places in Portland are great for exploring the area and meeting new people. It’s a friendly city so making friends is easy!


purrington cat cafe

Cat Lounge

Me-ow! The famous Purrington’s Cat Lounge closed up for renovations back in 2018, but this year they’ll be coming back to bring cuddles & coffee to the people.

Cat cafes have easily been one of the most popular business trends over the past few years, and Portland isn’t missing out on the party by any means. Like other similar places, Purrington’s allows people to come in, sip some coffee, pet some cats, and even adopt one of them!

For those with a small (or big) crazy cat lady inside of us, this can be a great character test for new friends; if they want to pet cats while they get their morning joe, they’re good people to be around! Simple science, really. They’ve been responsible for giving hundreds of kitties a home, and we’re frankly overjoyed to see when they finally have their grand re-opening. If you’re just as curious as us, be sure to check their website for updates!


arcade with booze

Arcade (With Booze!)

The younger millennials reading this might not be able to relate, but those closer to their 30s might have fond memories of heading to the arcade to hang out & smash the latest high scores. For those senior citizens (and those who look at their generation fondly), there’s good news.

You can get drunk at the arcade now! Well, not all the arcades, but definitely Quarterworld on Hawthorne Boulevard. Along with boasting a full bar, they’ve got dozens of classic pinball & arcade games for people to enjoy.

They also have memberships available for those that really fall in love with the place. If you show up on a regular basis, you’re that much more likely to make new friends with other usuals. If not, you’ll at least get to save money if you play a lot.


powells big bookstore

A Really, Really Big Book Store

For those looking for friends that’d rather bury their face in a new novel than a video game, we know about a place where there’s a lot of books. It’s called Powell’s, and there are literally a million choices between 3,500 sections; if you can’t find a good book here, good luck finding it.

As you may or may not have guessed, it’s considered the largest new & used book store in the world, and it’d be a waste of space if they didn’t do what they could to bring the reading community together.

They put on events on a regular basis, including discussions with authors, signings, and book clubs across various genres. If you keep showing up you’re bound to form at least a small tribe of bookworms to conquer the city with.


mushball recess time


What do you mean you don’t know what mushball is? Ok, picture softball, but the ball is actually, you know, soft. So soft, in fact, and so large, that gloves aren’t necessary & hitting the ball out of reach isn’t an issue. Sounds fun, right? So why aren’t you playing it right now.

Wait, you don’t know any other mushball players? That’s weird, but you could check out the Recess Time Sports Leagues’ website to see how you can join up with a league!

…Huh? A sport that isn’t mushball? Sounds weird, but they have those too! Dodgeball, kickball, bowling, and ping pong, if we’re talking specifics. Who can’t make friends with dodgeballs whizzing across their face?


hike pacific northwest

Exploring the Pacific Northwest

For those looking for activities with some of the most breathtaking views in the world, you’ll be happy to learn that the Pacific Northwest is known the world over for its amazing scenery & natural features.

It can be a lot to tackle alone, though, which is why the organization known as Mazames hosts all sorts of climbs, hikes & other activities that help members & everyone around them learn about the environment around them & how they can protect it.

Adventuring is the name of the game with them, and they’re willing to help you improve everything from your nordic skiing skills to your navigation abilities. They also have climbing & mountaineering opportunities for people of all skill levels, even if you don’t have any experience.


rose city roller derby

Roller Derby

For some people, everything’s on the line once the roller skates hit the rink. With their team at their side & an enemy force in front of them, they’ll stop at nothing to make sure that they reign victorious and leave the competition in the dust.

That might not be your life, but if you want it to be your life, roller derby may become your new favorite thing. For the ladies reading this, the Rose City Rollers run a league with five different adult teams that are looking for you to join their ranks.

Men aren’t left out of the party, though, and the Portland Men’s Roller Derby offers the opposite sex a chance to obtain their own roller victories.

Do we know exactly how to play? No, but we know you want to learn, so make sure to check out Rose City & the PMRD online for schedules & other details.


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