Best Places to Meet Singles in NYC

best places meet singles new york city

Finding Love, Hooking Up: The Best Places to Meet Singles in New York City

Here’s the thing: Swipe long enough, and we’re sure you’ll find your way to your next hook up, or even “the one”, eventually. That’s going to take a while, isn’t it? It seems like you’ll need to expand your search. Not in the app’s settings, but in your settings.

What do we mean by that? It’s simple: You’ll have a better chance of finding someone when you go where you think they’d be. Just use the app’s logic. All it does is search for people near you, right? Perfect. You don’t want to sit on the subway too long, anyway.

Then, think about how you pick the people you want to match with. Would your jaw hit the floor if you found a girl whose life revolves around rock climbing & Young Thug? Go to a climbing gym, and see when Young Thug is going on tour next. Makes sense, right?

It might not always be that simple, but there are plenty of places out there that tout themselves as social hubs, and those sorts of places are exactly where you can meet your next crush. To help you out, we came up with a list of the best places for you to fall for that special someone.



House of Yes (photo credit House of Yes)

House of Yes

As suggested by the name, this iconic NYC nightclub was built by and for people who say yes to whatever life has to offer. Known for vibrant celebrations and equally radiant characters, this can be a perfect place to meet the sort of person you’d go on unforgettable adventures with.

Or you can hook up that night and not call them the next day, whatever you’re feeling like doing.

They have different themes & events on certain nights, too. They regularly have what’s called Dirty Thursdays, and the one coming up on March 14th is dedicated to the one and only Beyoncé. If you only associate with fellow Beyhive members, this could be an opportunity.

It extends far past music choice, though. If you’re around on April 6th, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a monthly event called “Voice Cult,” where attendees are invited to offer their voice in an event of therapeutic communal singing.

As anyone who’s done it before knows, performing together in that sort of capacity is a powerful bonding experience, and if you don’t manage to find someone to fall for, you’re still likely to make a few friends if you reach out.



SPIN New York (Photo Credit SPIN)

SPIN New York

Nothing screams “romance” like destroying your crush in a ping pong. That might be funny to some readers, but to others it might be the most relatable thing they’ve read all week. If you fall in the latter category, you’d be missing out if you skipped a visit to SPIN’s New York location.

They’re spread out across a few different cities in the US, along with one in Toronto, and each location fulfills the same purpose: unite people through the power of table tennis.

It’s not an unfounded idea in the slightest. Many historians would say that the competition that took place between China and the US in 1971 would be a key factor in improving relationships between the two countries.

Even if you’re not helping to mend relationships between two countries that have key ideological differences, ping pong can be a great way for people to meet & break the ice, especially if they’re enthusiasts looking to connect with that community.

You don’t have to be an expert, though. All are welcome in SPIN’s walls, and a little athletic competition is a surefire approach to get to know the person across the table.


Book Clubs

Are you the type to turn down drinks with coworkers two Fridays in a row cause you picked up a new 1000-page fantasy adventure to binge? Are you also the type to not stop talking about it to anyone who’ll listen once you finish & reread it? You might need to join a book club.

New York City is one of the most concentrated in the world, and many residents tout their “cultured” nature as a point of pride. It only make sense they’d band together to talk about works of literature across all genres.

Whether you’re a history buff, a sci-fi geek, or more into the fringes of the written word, you should have little trouble finding a crowd to connect with.

Honestly, we can think of few better icebreakers. You & whoever catches your eye will have been reading the same thing, and either have a different or very similar opinion on the book that’s been assigned. That can be a good hour of conversation if you play your cards right!

If you find that you get to know what they enjoy about certain books, you can even recommend them new picks that fit their criteria. The potential is near-endless, and you can start discovering it by checking meetup.com for different ones across the city.



Ludlow House (Photo Credit SoHo House)

Members-Only Clubs

If you’re a young professional, it can be a struggle to meet anyone outside of your office walls, and finding someone with your same drive & interests can be a whole other mountain to summit. If only they made places for those types of people to connect.

Spaces like Ludlow House offer members a wide variety of amenities, including lounging spaces, eateries, meeting rooms, and other perks. Given who these clubs target, you’re more than likely to meet the sort of people quickly climbing the social & professional ladder.

It comes with a notable price tag, though. At Ludlow, provided your application gets accepted, you’ll have to pay a one-time registration fee of $350 if you’re under 27, and $550 if you’re older.

From there, you have the choice to either pay for membership at just the Ludlow House, or at every space run by the SoHo House organization. None of the options run below $1000, even if you’re under 27, and the minimum goes above $2000 for older patrons.

If you’ve got the scratch, this can be an elegant, intimate, and all around pleasant environment where you can interact with the fellow movers & shakers of the city. And who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone to connect with somewhere more private.



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