Singles Activities for Hooking Up in LA

singles activities for hooking up la

The LA Guide for Singles Activities and Hooking Up

Thanks to the generally active & health-conscious lifestyle, a fair amount of people in LA are pretty attractive. If you manage to find one of these divine-looking people, they can make life easier & help you thrive in this chaotic city. But where the hell are they? Do they have secret meeting times? Is there a password you have to say to make them interested?

Well, yes and no. They certainly meet together in certain places, but there’s lots of different ones and they’re not secret. And there is a “password”, but it’s just whatever you want to say to get them talking with you.

We can’t help you with the second part, but we can give you some ideas of where to start looking for your next crush.


singles activities drink and paint la

Drink & Paint

For those subscribed to the belief that good art is never made sober, there are a good amount of places besides your bedroom/art studio where your methods are welcomed.

All around LA, and in other cities across the country, art classes that combine the pleasures of wine & creative expression have welcomed people of all ages (above 21) and walks of life to come together and paint.

With the combination of a few glasses of red & the high you’ll be riding after making your magnum opus, you’ll rarely be more ready to meet someone to bed, or even eventually wed.

Don’t get too bummed if you’re unlucky. These classes can be a great way to make platonic connections too, and one of the most common ways people meet their lovers is through mutual friends, so don’t be hesitant to welcome new people in your life.



singles activities dance floor la

Hit the Dance Floor

If you’re looking to keep being creative, but do it in a more active way, the dance studio could be calling your name. It’s a fine discipline that can hone your flexibility, your physical endurance, and your mental capacities, all while allowing you to express a world of emotion with your body.

While providing all these benefits, the space can also be great for meeting people with similar interests & drive in life. When you already share an activity like dance in common, you’ll have plenty to talk about & can easily form a bond from there.

You can find classes all around the city offering salsa, ballroom dancing, bachata, and many other forms. Maestro Studio & Javier Campines wouldn’t be bad places to start.



meet people at bars in la

Let Loose

It’s possible you just want to drink without painting & don’t want to limit your sweet moves, and we understand. Not every hookup needs to be enabled by creativity & classes. Some just happen because of alcohol, dancing, and some good music. You know, the old fashioned way.

The bars & clubs you’ll find in LA tend to be anything but old fashioned, though, and introverts will want to proceed with caution.

As with most major cities, there are plenty of bars for people to meet in & eventually leave from together, and the City of Angels has some of the most popular spots in the country. Places like Exchange and the LGBT+ bar Eagle LA promise a good time & a chance to find some company.



singles activities in la volunteer


Provided you didn’t drink yourself into a coma at one of those bars last night, you can atone for your sins by helping out the community & people living in it.

You can find organizations that focus on providing all types of assistance you’d want to provide, whether that be with food, education, extracurricular activities, athletic programs, or park clean-ups. Plus, who knows? The person you coach a team with could be your new boo.

The city of Los Angeles, through their VolunteerLA program, can help you find a volunteer opportunity that works best for you, otherwise a simple online search will turn up a long list of available programs. Remember: Do it because you love it, not because you’re lonely.



meeting people through fundraising los angeles

Attend a Fundraiser

Considering the fact that volunteering requires effort, it might not be for everyone reading this list. Thankfully, you can still do your part to help the city by attending one of many fundraisers that happen regularly in the city.

Focusing on a mind-boggling array of charitable causes, you’d be in the minority if you couldn’t find at least one to give some money to while you stock up on drinks & hors d’oeuvres.

No need to leave once you’re full & drunk, though; try looking in the crowd for someone that catches your eye. It’s easy: just say something to the effect of “Oh yeah I’ve been passionate about whatever this dumb charity is for years.” Actually, say it exactly like that.

You’ll either get a laugh or a drink in the face, and you don’t want to hook up with anyone that can’t take a good joke, so remember to thank us when you’re wiping the vodka from your eyes.


outdoor running activities los angeles

Get Moving

Once you’re ready to work off the 1,500 calories of pigs in a blanket you had at the fundraiser, you’re going to have a generous amount of options when it comes to where you can break a sweat, or multiple if you’re so inclined.

You can hike, run, or do most other activities by yourself, and maybe you’ll get the chance to find someone then, but your chances are going to go up exponentially when you find a group of people to do it with.

As far as running goes, there are a decent amount of clubs in LA, including the creatively named Los Angeles Running Club. You can also join similar groups for hiking, which you can find info about on meetup.com. Here’s one that you can check out right now.



meetup activities in los angeles


Speaking of meetup.com, you’ve likely already read about that website on articles like this, and that’s because it’s a really easy way to meet people who share your common interests. Want to find some people who play Dungeons & Dragons? Maybe a reading club?

They’re all on Meetup, and someone in that group could very possibly be The One. It’s not guaranteed, as with all things, but you’ll never know unless you try, and the fact you’ll always have something in common with the people you meet can boost those chances.


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