Most Unique & Delicious Restaurants in LA

best unique restaurants in la

LA’s Most Unique & Delicious Restaurants

The uniqueness of LA can be pretty confusing at first, and the same goes for some restaurants in this city. As it is with many things, the aspects that makes certain places different can allow them to stand out in the best way.

Whether you like extravagant desserts or fine dining, there are a surprising amount of unique restaurants in LA that are accessible for the masses. Here are our top choices.


giordio baldi famous restaurants in la

Giorgio Baldi

We can probably guess what you’re thinking, “Where can I find those famous people you were mentioning earlier?” I’m one step ahead of you; our first pic is considered one of the prime spots to be if you’re trying to do some celeb-spotting.

Seeing the paparazzi out front while their target enjoys dinner with a friend 15 feet away from you is standard fare, here, and the food they, and you, are eating will probably be some high quality Italian cuisine. Why would famous people eat at a restaurant if it’s not the gold standard?

It’s expensive, don’t get us wrong, but it’s not the most expensive meal you’ll find in LA, so you can still save some money for rent.


zam zam market unique food la

Zam Zam Market

If you’re really trying to save, while not sacrificing quality, then you’ll need to find your way to this fountain of goodness in Hawthorne. While the “Market” in the name suggests choices, you have one: whatever they’re serving that day.

You won’t hate the idea, though. Chances are you’ll love it. The biryani is their most famous dish, but you might get any variety of meats, rice, and other Middle Eastern specialties piled generously onto your place.

Since they run a casual establishment & only cook one type of meal per day, they also get to offer their meals for way less than you’d expect.


prizon bar cool restaurants la

Prizon Bar

Close your eyes & think about what your dream restaurant & bar would look like. Did you picture prison? Probably not. But somebody did, and they decided to make it into a reality. We can’t hate on anyone chasing their dreams, and we definitely can’t hate on the result.

Welcome to Prizon Bar. As soon as you step inside, you realize how committed they are to the concept; metal fencing is propped up throughout, there are actual cells, and food comes on metal trays.

If it’s stressing you out, they serve some strong & tasty drinks to take your mind off things, and happy hour from 5:00-9:00 PM doesn’t hurt either.


Magic Castle Unique restaurants in LA

Magic Castle

That isn’t just a quirky name; this is an actual castle, and it’s full of magic. More specifically, it’s a private club for magicians. Prospective members have to audition in front of a committee and prove that they’re regularly practicing magic as either a hobby or profession.

Besides access into the club itself, they also get access to a restaurant that’s magical (sorry, couldn’t pass that up) in its own right.

If you are not persuaded by the mystical arts, you unfortunately aren’t allowed access into the establishment by your own will. However, you can gain access to the club & attached restaurant by being invited or accompanied by a member of the club.

If you’re trying to peek inside their world, the members sometimes respond to Craigslist posts from curious non-magicians.


Sassafras Saloon unique bars in la

Sassafras Saloon

Yeehaw, partner. The city can be a hard place for country folk, and sometimes you just need to connect with those southern roots. If that sounds like you, Sassafras Saloon might be your new home in Hollywood.

Decorated to the nines, this place exudes the type of energy that’ll have you square dancing by yourself in the middle of the restaurant halfway through your meal (maybe don’t actually do that, but that’s just our suggestion). They also offer all the southern classics to really bring it home.

Their drink options are excellent, too. You can enjoy such drinks as “After the Goldrush,” “Belle of the Bayou,” and the punderful “Southern Hospitali-Tea.” Honestly, the wordplay alone has me ready to make a reservation.


Cliftons most unique restaurants la


Maybe one theme isn’t enough for you. Maybe you need, oh I don’t know, five? Yeah, five’s a good number. In that case, you & Clifton’s are a match made in bar & restaurant heaven.

Grab a tropical beverage in their Pacific Seas tiki bar, perhaps. Or, you can hop over to The Brookdale, where you can see some fascinating artifacts & enjoy the night like a member of 20th century high society.

Are you wanting to get in tune with nature? The Monarch celebrates all that California’s forests & other natural landscapes have to offer, and The Marketplace likewise celebrates the state’s Golden Age of Cafeterias. Then, visit the Gothic Bar for some artisanal, mystical cocktails.


Barton G Unique restaurants in LA

Barton G.

“Still not enough themes. Actually, everything I could possibly order needs its own theme.” As weird as we think you are right now, Barton G. is at your service.

You might get steak served on a mini lawnmower. You might cap your meal with a desert that bears resemblance to Marie Antoinette. What you definitely won’t have is an average dinner.

With all these theatrics, as anyone who’s gotten heavy into arts and crafts can tell you, the bill can pile up. This place is perfect for special occasions, or for people eccentric & rich enough to treat every day like a celebration.


stinking rose unique restaurants los angeles

The Stinking Rose

Mmm, don’t you love the smell of fresh garlic on your lover’s breath? No? Just me? Huh, guess I better take mine to The Stinking Rose. Just kidding…I don’t have a girlfriend. If I did, I’d definitely take her to this restaurant.

Garlic’s the name of the game here, and they play at the highest level. No matter what you order, there’s a good chance it’s going to involve the ingredient in some way (yes, even in the dessert), and they offer oven-roasted cloves as a side if you’re especially allicin-deficient.

If you really love this idea & want to switch up some family traditions, they also host a Thanksgiving dinner every year.



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