How to Make Friends in LA

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How to Make Friends in Los Angeles

When you spend most of your day dealing with superficial characters & sitting in endless traffic, you’ll need some alone time, and shutting yourself off from the world is an understandable reaction. We’ve found, however, that life’s troubles are easier to handle with friends at your side.

But where would you even start trying to meet somebody in this city? You’ve got apps, sure, but technology only gets you so far when you’re trying to make that connection. You’ll need something real, and that’s exactly where we can help.

There are people all around Los Angeles meeting each other for the first time while doing something they love, and you can easily be one of them. As long as you stay authentic, open, and willing to learn, you’ll be making new friends in no time.

Here are some of our top suggestions.


how to make friends in la art class

Art Class

Starting things off, creative expression has never been a bad idea. It can be therapeutic, inspiring, and anything else you want it to be. Brentwood Art Center wants to offer that experience to the people, and their art classes offer an excellent foundation.

A variety of classes across skill levels and mediums welcome all, and you’ll be sure to at least find a new acquaintance after talking with your classmates about what you created that day.


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If helping other people is usually at the top of your mind in whatever you do, there are a lot of opportunities to volunteer in the city, and they can be great opportunities to meet people, too.

There aren’t just soup kitchens & food drives; you can sign up to do anything from instructing dance classes & basketball teams to teaching at-risk youth about music & the intricacies of that industry.

It shouldn’t be hard to find your favorite way to help out, and if you’re lucky you might meet someone special in the process.


make friends standup comedy class

Stand-Up Comedy

Have you ever fantasized about getting on a stage in front of thousands and leaving them dying of laughter? You’ll have to start somewhere if you want to get to that point, and taking a class on the fine art of comedy might be your first move.

Besides helping you hone your craft, it can have a lot of social benefits. As many professional comics have said in interviews over the years, stand-up acts are very close with & supportive of each other in personal & professional ways.

If you meet people in your introductory class & hone your careers in tandem, those can easily be friendships for life. Whether you all get deafening boos or standing ovations, you can be there for each other through it all.

Open Mic

Speaking of deafening boos, you’ll get to start hearing those when you practice your craft at an open mic performance. Just kidding (unless you’re especially bad). Everyone’s experience is different at these sort of shows, but what’s consistent is their ability to bring performers together.

Artists need to support each other, otherwise it can be a hard time for everyone. When you meet someone before the show & cheer each other on during your performance, it can be a strong bonding experience, and it’s considered a rite of passage for comics and other performers alike.


how to make friends in la beaches

Get Active

As you could probably tell from the Instagram feeds of LA-based lifestyle gurus, there are a lot of ways to get active here, both indoors & out.

There’s a body of water right next to the city you might’ve heard of. It’s called the Pacific Ocean, and people really like to surf on it. If you ask us, we think you should be one of those people.

There are plenty of classes offered in the area, and you can be shredding the gnar sooner than you think. You can find countless beaches across the coast, and there are whole nations of surfers on them waiting to welcome you into the fold.

It’s an investment, though, and definitely not for everyone. Thankfully, there’s another activity that only requires a pair of shoes and the ability to walk with stamina & purpose. Of course, we’re talking about hiking, and it can be a BFF matchmaker, along with being good exercise.

Hiking trails are spread all around the city & surrounding area, and one of the longer hikes you can tackle even takes you to the Hollywood sign. Find a buddy at one trail, and take them with you to tackle the rest!

The outdoors is only fun until you’ve got endless streams of sand & dirt in your shoes. If you want to get a workout somewhere notably devoid of those issues, your next stop is the dance studio.

how to make friends in la dance class

Testing the limits of your flexibility & endurance, dance is one of the more intense yet elegant  activities you can get involved with. Like surfers, hikers, and the like, dancers form communities with each other & bond over the difficulties & joy of their pursuit.

make friends waka kickball

“Those all sound dumb, I want to play kickball instead,” you might be thinking. That’s a valid perspective, and WAKA supports you too. That’s why they created their own kickball league, along with a variety of other sports that aren’t as cool as kickball. Even their url is kickball.com.

You might be focused on redeeming yourself from The Incident back in 4th grade, but after the game you could have a great time bonding with your teammates & getting some drinks.


make friends networking in los angeles

Networking Events

Kickball is great, but at some point you’ll have to go back to work. Do you need new people to work with, or a new employer/contractor to do that work for? We’re sure you’ve thought of attending a networking event, and we can understand why you’d avoid it at first.

They’re known for being filled with people purely looking to advance their career & make no connection beyond that, which can be disorienting, but not everyone is like that. In fact, many of them are probably as eager for a human connection as you, waiting for someone to initiate.

Now that you know you’re not alone, though, you’re ready to form those bonds, and you already have the perfect icebreaker: the event itself. Results may vary.



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