Free Things to do in Los Angeles

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Sunny skies, movie studios, celebrities, and traffic. I think you can tell from the title of this article that we’ve got the exact thing you’re looking for. Sure, you might already know about the different parks & streets you won’t get charged to walk through, but free experiences don’t have to be boring or standard, especially in Los Angeles.

There’s art to be seen, music to be heard, skills to be learned, and memories to be made without the slightest strain on your wallet. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite free activities in the city.


desert x in los angeles

Desert X

As it’s described on their site, Desert X is a massive art exhibit held in the Coachella Valley & surrounding area, including a wide array of sculptures, interactive constructs, and other visual projects.

The event is held annually, and this year it’ll continue until April 21st, after having started on February 9th.

It’s spread fairly wide, with each piece of work having a different location, but if you’ve got the gas money & you’re down for a road trip, it can be an excellent budget-friendly way to spend your day.


free chinatown art in los angeles

Chung King Road Galleries

If you want to see some art that’s not in the middle of the desert, LA’s Chinatown is famous for the many galleries on Chung King Road.

With their offerings ranging from creatively designed home goods & ceramics to more abstract creations, there’s something on this street from everyone, and your wallet can rest easy (unless you decide to buy something, of course).


Free concerts satellite residency los angeles

The Satellite Residency

When I say “free concert,” you’re probably thinking of some less-than-decent act that people wouldn’t buy tickets for if they were any more expensive. The Satellite would have something to say about that notion, though.

Artists like Beck, Foster the People, Silversun Pickups, and even the Foo Fighters have all played their stage, and the 2000s indie sensations Fitz and the Tantrums played it for free as part of The Satellite Residency, an ongoing concert series that offers free shows every Monday.

We can’t promise that every act that performs is as good as those, but if this venue’s known for anything it’s the quality of talent that they invite on stage. Even if the music’s bad you’ll at least have something to talk about.


free audiences in los angeles

Grand Performances

Sure, a decent-sized show at a cool venue can be fun, but sometimes you might be in the mood to watch a grand performance. If only there was an organization that put those on-oh wait there is & it’s literally called Grand Performances. And boy do they live up to their name.

At various points throughout the world, they invite people to their elaborate stage at California Plaza so they can watch artists from all over the world put on exciting concerts across a variety of genres. Performances are sometimes held at other locations, as well.

To get more information on specific performances & their locations, and also donate if you’d like, be sure to check their website by clicking the title of this section.


free yoga in los angeles

Donation Yoga at Barnsdall Art Park

Every yoga snob you know is probably rich, but that doesn’t mean you have to be rich to get into it. If you head over to Barnsdall Art Park bright & early at 8:00 AM on Friday mornings (and bring your own towel or mat), you can get a free lesson from yoga expert Lauren Peterson.

Donations are suggested, but don’t worry about it if you can’t afford it at the time.


barnsdall los angeles

Barnsdall Arts Sundays

If you happen to be back at Barnsdall on Sunday mornings, be sure to pop in for their free all-ages art class that lasts from 10:00 AM to noon.

Switching up from week to week, professional instructors walk classes through all sorts of mediums & forms, including sculpting, printing, paintings, 3d constructions, and many others.

“Wow that sounds great,” I’m sure you’re thinking, “but I don’t have any art supplies, and I can’t afford to buy new ones.” Don’t worry; any supplies you need are provided, so all you need to have is a good attitude and a desire to create something beautiful.


annenberg space for photography los angeles.

Annenberg Space for Photography

Even though Wallis Annenberg only founded this space just 10 years ago, back in 2009, the Annenberg Space for Photography has become a major cultural hub in that time, hosting the work of legendary photographers & underground upstarts alike.

The museum, outside of being a beautifully designed space both inside & out, was inspired by the structure of a camera & lens, and is intended to be a space where people can come together and exchange ideas, along with appreciating the ones on display.

Along with presented some of the best & most famous photographs in the world, they also host regular lectures at no cost to attendees. You can find details, along with previous lectures, on their website by clicking the title of this section.


free archery in los angeles

Pasadena Roving Archers

Who amongst us hasn’t watched a movie set in Ye Olden Times, saw someone shoot off a bow & arrow, and thought, “I bet I could do that.”

Now the time has come to actually put that to the test. Every Saturday morning, with the exception of Christmas & New Years, the Pasadena Roving Archers offer a free introductory class to people of all ages.

During the class you’ll learn some safety procedures, get acquainted with the bow & arrow, and, of course, take some shots to see if you really are Robin Hood’s long-lost descendant.

You might not be, at first, but you can sign up for regular classes & tournaments if you’re trying to work up to that level.


the getty free things los angeles

The Getty

This wouldn’t be a complete list of free activities in LA if we didn’t talk about the Getty. You’ve probably heard of this place already, or at least the images credited to that name, but you might not know that you’re able to get in for absolutely free (outside of parking, of course).

As well-known as it is, we consider it a can’t-miss visit due to the breathtaking expanse that you get to walk through, along with the array of art they have in their museum collection.



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