Best Things to do in Chicago

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Best Things to do in Chicago

If you want to meet new people in Chicago, we’ll be covering social events where you can make new friends. Chicago is a large city and has a reputation for some of the best attractions around. However, the larger a city gets, the more impersonal it feels, and it can be hard to go out if you don’t know where to go or who to meet.  We’ll bring you the something new: popular events and trendy locations.

Whether you like unique restaurants, rooftop bars, or going outdoors, we encourage you to meet cool people while discovering events near you.


Find out which local events are happening this month

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Perched on the shore of Lake Michigan, you’ll find The Windy City. Chicago is one of the largest cities in America, and it’s one of the world’s business hubs. The city has a reputation for some of the best restaurants around, but there are plenty of attractions in Chicago, as you would expect from a town of its caliber.


Unfortunately, the larger a city gets, the more impersonal it feels, and it can be hard to interact with other people if you don’t know where to go or who to meet. Keep in mind that this isn’t a problem reserved to newcomers, as even longtime inhabitants may find themselves challenged when it comes to finding activities and acquaintances.


You don’t need to use a meetup app to find friends if you know the right places to look, and Chicago has plenty of them. One of our guides is going to discuss where you should go to meet new people and discover potential life-long buddies. We have covered a variety of places so that everyone can find a friend with the same tastes.


Of course, you always have to account for Chicago’s weather, and some of these places may be heavily dependent on the season. Winters can get harsh in The Windy City, and you won’t find too many inhabitants joyfully leaving their homes when snow drifts are piling up outside of their windows.


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While Chicago may be known for its assortment of classic diners and Michelin Star-winning restaurants, not everyone knows where to look for a bite to eat. Even if you’re well-acquainted with some of the city’s finest establishments, you may be looking for somewhere new to enjoy your dinner.


Our list of Chicago’s best restaurants will cover all sorts of different places that you can eat. From the most upscale rooftop restaurants to the city’s most affordable (yet delicious) hidden gems, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Chicago food scene and help you get acquainted with it.


Chicago’s unknown restaurants are usually overshadowed by the high-quality microgastronomic eateries that are common in the downtown area, but we’ve gone over Chicago’s best ones with a fine-toothed comb. Having a well-rounded Chicago dining experience is about trying out different things (and, of course, the city’s famous deep-dish pizza).


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If you want to get to know more about the nightlife in Chicago, then you’ll probably be a little more interested in our guide to some of the best bars in the city. We’ll also cover nightclubs if you’d prefer to enjoy your drinks somewhere a little more exclusive.


Of course, knowing where to go is only half of enjoying a city, as you’ll need people to do these things with, so you’ll find that all of our guides go hand-in-hand. From finding the perfect restaurant to getting in touch with the ideal group of people to explore Chicago with, we have you covered.