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Meeting People and Making Friends in Boston

Why did you end up in Boston? It’s not a bad thing that you did (actually, it might be fantastic), but why did you come here? A new job? The graduate program of your dreams? Chasing one of the many other dreams available to the Bostonian people?

You might’ve come here for one or none of those reasons, but no matter what, you’ll need some friends to make the most of the city. That goes for many other places, but it’s especially true in one of the most iconic cities in the country.

As it goes with bigger cities, friends can be a challenge to come by. Unless you’re enrolled in one of the many, many colleges and universities in the city, social opportunities might not be as plentiful as they are for your academic counterparts.

We can’t predict your passions or interests, but here are some of our favorite suggestions to give to people searching for friendship in Beantown.



I feel like I can guess what you’re thinking: It’s an article about making friends & the first thing I’m telling you to do is go on the computer. Hear me out, though, cause an internet connection can become a real life friendship if you look in the right places & pick the right people.

For the uninitiated, Reddit is a website about everything. By that, we mean that people make their own sub-communities (called subreddits) within the general forum of the site, and these communities can focus on any topic, place, or idea.

To offer an example, they have a whole subreddit dedicated to Boston. They have another focused on people in the area who like board games, and a whole wealth of others focused on the city & many things people do within it.

To put it simply, sometimes joining an online community can be the best way to find one in the real world.

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Dance Class

If you really, really don’t want to have to sit at the computer to find new people, you’re not out of luck by any means. People encounter each other in the real world all the time, and one of the places they’ll meet at is a nice, lively dance class.

Whether you’re born to swing or want to try some more modern moves, there are classes all across the city that’ll teach you the find art of dance, and you’ll be able to bond with your classmates over the difficulties of that week’s moves if you put yourself out there a little.

If you’re not committed to a particular style, Urbanity Dance offers seasonal sessions once a week for 10-12 weeks throughout the year, where they focus on a wide range of classic & modern dance styles to get you grooving in every way.

The Dance Complex is a great option as well, offering all sorts of classes for adults, teens & kids alike across a variety of styles.


swet studio yoga class


Many amongst you might be a fan of movement & activity as a way of bonding with the people around you, but some could be inclined to go for movement that’s a little slower. Peace-seeking individuals like these would be right at home in one of Boston’s many yoga studios.

It might not be a hive of conversation during the actual classes (people want to focus on the workout, you know,) but it’s not unheard of to link up with your fellow classmates once the session is over, and the connections can stretch far beyond yoga.

There’s more than standard yoga available, too. At Swet Studio, for example, you can also try out rowing, aerial yoga, and various forms of meditation.



“I like some sports, you see, but only the ones that don’t need my whole body moving to accomplish.” Many would agree with you, and many in turn should start looking for the nearest bowling alley.

While some of those establishments don’t have the best reputation as hip hangouts, the alleys in Boston are a firm exception to the stereotype. Sacco’s Bowl Haven in particular offers a warm, friendly environment to whoever comes inside.

You don’t need to have a group to play against others, either. There are lanes that are specifically set for people coming in without a party of 8 or more, and you can compete with the patrons coming in themselves or with smaller groups.

You don’t have to be a pin-knocking wiz to have a good time, either. I mean, who can’t fall in love with a sport where people can sip a beer between rounds?


bars pub crawls boston

Pub Crawls

Maybe you just want to get drunk without any sort of activity outside of walking to the bar, and who could blame you? It’s been people’s main way of connection with their fellow townspeople for as long as alcohol’s existed, and if it worked for our ancestors it can work for you.

You won’t have to head to the bars yourself & challenge random people to pool matches, either. If Boston has one group activity it loves, it’s a pub crawl, and boy have you got options for those. There’s a whole website dedicated to them, and you’re bound to find one that fits you best.

If going out to bars with a bunch of strangers is intimidating to you, just drink a little bit more & feel the courage course through your veins. Good luck!


Comic Book Shops

Perhaps the next best thing for those who can’t drink, the local comic book shops host game nights & events with prominent industry figures on a regular basis. Whether you play Magic, the Gathering, get down with Dungeons & Dragons, or just want to talk comics, stop by a shop!

Comicopia is a popular shop in the area, and Comicazi has a Facebook page dedicated to the events they’re hosting. Nerds unite!



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