The Simple Rules of Beer Pong

The Simple Rules of Beer Pong
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What are the simple rules of beer pong?

Beer Pong is one of the most classic drinking games of all time. All you need is a table, 16oz plastic cups, and a few ping pong balls and you can get a game started. It’s perfect for mingling at bars or house parties, so don’t be afraid to invite people to play. Here are the simple rules to get started:

The game is played by two teams who take turns throwing a ping pong ball into the other team’s cups. If the ball lands in a cup, the opponent drinks the beer in the cup. The team that hits all of the opponent’s cups wins the game.

  • Cups are arranged in a triangle in 6, 10, or 15 cup formations on opposite ends of a table.
  • Fill plastic cups halfway with beer.
  • Use a cup or bowl with clean water to rinse off the balls before throwing. (Trust me, you want this or else you’ll get funky stuff in the beer)
  • Each player gets one ping pong ball.

To see who goes first, flip or coin or play eye to eye. The first team to make a ball in the opponent’s cup while maintaining eye contact gets to go first. You can throw a lob, a fast ball, or a bounce, but the elbow cannot cross the foul line. You can rearrange or re-rack your cups 1 or 2 times during the game, agreed on by the teams


  • If the ball is bounced, the defensive team can swipe the ball away after the bounce.
  • If the ball is spinning in the cup, the defensive team has the opportunity to blow the ball out.
  • If you throw an air ball and the defensive team catches it, the defensive team chooses a cup to be removed

For a simple poster you can printout, here is an image of the rules by visual.ly

Creative Rules to Consider for Your Beer Pong Games

Where there’s beer, there’s always a beer pong competition. Regardless if you prefer different places to meet people, you will see some groups playing this game. Moreover, it adds more fun to people as they play it.

Most beer pong games are inside drinking bars or events because it’s where there are more participants. Some organize their games casually at home to spend quality time with their friends or family. 

Despite if you’re in various places to meet people, or you’re at home unwinding with a group of people, setting it up is a piece of cake.

Beer Pong Image 1

You wouldn’t have problems comprehending the basic rules of playing beer pong because it’s simple; target and shoot. If the ball went inside the cup, your opponent drinks it until no cups are left. However, most players consider these simple rules outdated. Nowadays, they would go to many places to meet people more than to participate in playing.

If you want to spice things up by introducing other beer pong rules, you should check these out.

Let the Russians Invade the Game with the Russian Roulette Rule

Arrange the cups in the typical pyramid formation for the Russian Roulette, wherein the number of cups depends on the organizer’s preference. After arranging the cups and filling these with beer, both teams need to swap sides. The best part is by secretly adding a shot of vodka on any in their enemy’s cups. Afterward, the teams go back to their initial sides and begin the game. The unlucky one on both sides will receive the extra kick from the vodka.

Heating the Competition with the Ring of Fire Rule

Beer Pong Image 2

If you have very competitive participants, the Ring of Fire rule is the best to try out. It doesn’t only focus on how many cups were drunk, but how fast a team can knock their opponent out. The cups are still in a triangular formation, yet the only significant cups for winning are the three corner cups and the middle cup, or also called “freshman.” The first team to shoot the ping pong ball on the four cups wins the game.

Catch the Ball for Another Shot Through the Behind the Back Rule

If you want to make it more challenging for your crowd, the Behind the Back Rule is the most suggested rule. It follows the same pyramid formation of the cups and the typical beer pong rule. However, the difference of this rule is that if a player misses a shot, yet he or she’s able to save the ping pong ball before it hits the ball, then he or she gets another chance to shoot. Also, the first rule is that the player has to throw the ball from behind the back.

Beer Pong Image 3

Expose Your Weakest Player with the Underachiever Rule

Even though beer pong is not serious competition for most people, it’s still a game. Hence, the Underachiever rule will expose a team’s weakest player. It will follow the basic rule of shooting the ping pong ball on the cups with pyramid formation. The highlight of this rule is that if a player wasn’t able to shoot on at least one cup, then he or she’ll sit under the table throughout the next game. It’s also never going to be easy for the underachiever because the floor is not clean.

What’s Unfinished Will Be Finished with the Death Cup

If you’re done with unfinished cups by players from both teams, it’s time to active the Death Cup rule. This rule will make sure that all players will chug their beers quickly, or else they lose the game. Following the typical pyramid formation of the cup, if the ping pong ball landed on a cup with unfinished drink, the game is instantly over. It’s an excellent rule to influence participants to drink everything that’s inside the cup as a consequence.

Beer Pong Image 4

Challenge Both Teams More with the Wormhole Rule

In using the Wormhole Rule, you’ll need a stout. Arrange the cups in the pyramid formation, and fill the cups with beers. Then, you need to fill one with a stout, making it look darker among the rest of the cups. The cup with the stout is called “wormhole.” Once a team shoots the ball in the wormhole, both need to switch sides. It will give the losing team a chance to catch up or win the game.

Take it on a Higher Level with the Battleship Pong Rule

The Battleship Pong rule is one of the best rules to consider, especially if you’re having a quality time with your friends, colleagues, or family members. It’s not your usual beer pong game because of several points. First, you need to put a divider in the middle of the table to cover the cups of both sides. Second, both teams can set their cups on any formation they desire, which makes it more challenging. It’s advisable to shoot twice at a time because it may take a while for a team to win the game. Moreover, you can use any number of cups, like four, three, or two, depending on how you want to set it.


These rules are some of the creative ones for your consideration. Also, there’s no need to spend too much on these rules. Most rules require the same items being used for beer pongs such as cups, balls, and beers. You can even use anything aside for beer and vodka to make it more exciting.


Beer Pong Image 5

It’s still up to you if you prefer the basic beer pong rule, or you want to make it more fun for your crown. At the end of the day, what every organizer yearns is for their guests to enjoy the event. Also, to make the games memorable.


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