Organizing Your Own Hike Meetup

Organizing Your Own Hike Meetup
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How to organize your own hike meetup?

One of the most fun and different things you can do to meet people around you is to go on a hike meetup. You get to meet people of different backgrounds, and chat with them for a few hours about who they are. On top of that, exploring nature is beautiful!

It’s easy to organize a quick hike meetup; here is a guide.

1. Be clear with people and expectations
Let people know about the difficulty of the hike, how long it might take, weather/clothing preparations, what to bring, and have a clear meeting point.

2. Expect the Unexpected
Have another organizer help and let people volunteer to keep a headcount. It’s much easier and fun this way, and you have to worry about less things. If the group gets larger, you can have leaders keep things together as well.

3. Know the Route Well
Know any strange conditions, like water crossings, hazards, or wild animals. Also you can be more aware of rugged terrain, first aid, and parking lots.

4. What to Bring
Bring extra Water and Light Snacks in case somebody needs extra. Also bring a first aid kit and emergency number just in case something happens.

5. Take Breaks Together
This helps everybody in the group catch up and reorient themselves if they need to. Choose a good place with shade, potentially water, and a sitting or resting place if there is one.

6. Know Your Legal Obligations
If you’re running a free walk, make sure that it is legal to do so. Certain areas require permits or are limited for the protection of nature.

7. Organize Varied Walks
Some people love walks through the countryside, others love hills and mountains with views, and some love the coastline. Change up the scenery to appeal to everyone and to vary the challenges.

8. Enjoy the people You’re With!
Going on hike meetups are a lot of fun. You get to meet a wide range of people from different backgrounds and enjoy nature at the same time.


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