10 Bonus Tips to Make Friends in College

10 Bonus Tips to Make Friends in College

Friends play a great role in making college memories more fun and memorable, and here’s how to make friends in college.

College is more than just attending all your classes and acing your exams. It can be a lot overwhelming if you are going to navigate college life alone. That is why it’s essential to get out a little bit, meet new people, and make new friends. But, not everyone is a social butterfly. Some people have anxiety over meeting with strangers, and its hard for them to interact, much less make friends in college.

Fortunately, if you are one of these people, there’s still hope for you to make a fun college life with friends. Here are some excellent tips that would make you meet some friends in college a breeze and not anxiety-inducing.

10 Tips on How to Make Friends in College

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Have Reasonable Expectations When Meeting New Friends

It’s a new place and new people you haven’t met before. It’s unlikely that you get settled in college and find a BFF in just one week. Although for some people, it can be easy as a breeze. However, if you aren’t the social butterfly you wish you could be, then give yourself reasonable expectations when trying to find friends in college. Give yourself time to meet new people and learn more about them as time goes by.

Also, it’s important to remember that you change throughout your college years. Some people and your friendships might change, too, and that is normal.

Get Comfortable with Being Out of Your Comfort Zone

College means a lot of things. It’s getting in a new place surrounded by a lot of people you don’t know about, making new experiences, and more. College means getting out of your comfort zone, and if you want to know how to make friends in college, then you have to be comfortable at being not in your element at all times.

If you are always holed up inside your dorm room after classes, you wouldn’t be able to make connections, and ultimately, friends. You have to go and put yourself out there where you can have a chance of meeting new people and striking up conversations with them.

Be Yourself

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One of the simplest tips, if you want to know how to make friends in college, is to stay true to who you are. You don’t want to make friends with people by faking it. Otherwise, you are going to attract people that you might not even be compatible within the long run.

Being yourself, first and foremost, will make you find friends that are genuine as you are. But, this is often easier said than done. Sometimes, when meeting new people, you usually act as the more polished version of yourself to impress them. But, you need to be genuine to find genuine friends, the ones who have the same interests and hobbies as you, and more.

Keep it Real

It’s the same as being genuine about yourself and who you are. When making friends, you also have to keep it real, meaning you have to show your genuine emotions. If you are feeling anxious meeting and talking to new people, you don’t have to hide it. Open up and share your anxiety or struggles. Other people might appreciate it and even sympathize with you because they feel the same way you do. Opening up, despite how it makes you uncomfortable in the beginning, might inspire them to open up to you too. Before long, you’ve struck a genuine friendship with them.

Create a Balance with Meeting Friends and School

While making new friends in college, it is important to still focus most of your time in school, which is your primary reason for going to college anyway. The key is finding the balance between studies and being social.

Plus, it is important to remember that alone time is also necessary. You don’t have to go to parties and hang out with new people night after night just to make friends. Again, balance is key.

Stop Worrying About Pleasing Everyone

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Not everyone is going to like you or has the same as that you do. In short, you cannot please everybody. Hence, you can’t make everybody your friends, and that is fine. When trying to learn how to make friends in high school, you shouldn’t go into it thinking that you can please everyone.

Instead of trying to please and make everybody happy, just focus on staying true to yourself. You don’t have to agree with everyone and say “yes” to all the things they say or every party they have invited you to if that isn’t what you want.

Turn Your Acquaintances into Friends

One of the simplest tips for making new friends in college is to consider your acquaintances. They can be excellent potential friends if you have the same vibe. Maybe you have classmates who are planning a group study for the upcoming test. You might want to get involved with that. It wouldn’t just help your study, but it can make you a lot closer to them to strike a potential friendship.

Perhaps, your lab partner invited you to hang out with their friends, and you might want to say “yes” if you think you’re going to enjoy it.

Get Involved with Activities on Campus

College is for making new memories and finding new friends. But to do that, you have to get out there. If you want to make new friends, then you might want to start getting involved in various activities on campus. Whether you like sports, arts, theater, technology, or anything you like to do, there are different clubs or groups you can join.

Usually, there are also activities arranged, especially for new students, to meet one another. Instead of staying holed up in your dorm room, you might want to attend these gatherings. It’s simply another way to interact and find like-minded people.

Take Advantage of Living in a Dorm

Living in a dorm can give you a lot of advantages if you want to know how to make friends in college. Dorms and usually filled with other students like you are, especially freshmen looking for new college friends too.

Whether it’s meeting students like you in the hallway, the study hall, the cafeteria, or when attending organized events in the dorm, there are a lot of chances for you to meet new people and start a friendship with them. Instead of always staying inside your dorm, maybe you want to try eating in the cafeteria once in a while so you can meet new faces.

It also helps to meet students your year, since they usually experience the same things you do like missing home or the same anxiety with making new friends in college.

Be Nice

By far, aside from being genuine, the most important tip, if you want to know how to make friends in college, is to be nice, or try to be nice. It’s a golden rule if you want other people to like you or like to hang out with you. You don’t have to be a people pleaser in all aspects, but being a nice person is a trait you would want to have in general.

A good attitude is what will draw other people to you. It will attract the same good attitude in your friends as well.

Bonus Tips for Cultivating Friends in College

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It’s not easy to bench out into the unknown. Starting a conversation with strangers can be very uncomfortable and awkward. You need all the help you can get.

Here are some bonus tips on cultivating friendship while in college, may it be an old relationship or new ones.

Staying in Touch with High School Friend During College

There’s no reason to let go of existing friendships just because you went to a different school and might not see each other as often as before. But, it gets tricky sometimes too. You can both be busy with school and other college friends. Especially if you are attending schools in different states, it’s hard to get together.

But, there are a lot of ways to still continue the friendship. You can always text and call each other when you can and meet during school breaks. To put it simply, you don’t have to forget high school friends just because you are making new ones in college.

What to Do When None of Your Friends Want  to Do or Start Anything

So, you’ve met a couple of people in college. But, they aren’t keen on planning any group activity anytime soon. If it’s a new friendship, they might still have some hesitations and feelings of awkwardness about starting anything. In that case, you have to take it up to yourself to plan something. Maybe you all love watching movies, and you could invite them to watch the latest movie or have a movie marathon in the dorms.

Best Places to Go to Find Friends in College

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So, you decided you need to branch out make some new friends in college. It’s an excellent start. But, the next important question is, where are the places to go if you are looking for friends?

While it can be quite obvious for some people, but some others might need some tips. If you are not sure where are the best places to go in your free time to meet new people in college, here are some excellent suggestions for you.

The Dorms

You don’t have to go far when trying to know how to find friends in college. Living in the dorm is convenient for a lot of things. It’s near the campus, and there are a lot of prospects of new friends from other students living in the dorms like you.

Especially if it’s your first year in college, it’s more likely you are going to meet other freshmen at the dorms too. You can start hanging out in the common area when doing your homework instead of your dorm room. You might just meet some freshmen trying to look for new friends too.

The same thing applies even if you live off-campus. You can always try to meet and get to know your neighbors.


You’re most likely going to spend most of your time at school during college. And, that’s an excellent place as any to meet new people and start new friendships. Whether it’s in the hallway, near the locker room, the learning commons, or just anywhere in the school, you can start conversations with people.

If you keep an open mind, the campus is full of some really cool people. Ou can meet friends anywhere. For example, the gym. If you are both working out, then that’s a great conversation starter.

Common Areas

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Common areas and informal hangout places are other perfect places where you can meet new people. It can be a coffee shop just outside the campus or a student party in one of the big houses down the street. House parties are usually meant for people to hang out, and it will be easy to strike conversations with people who are there to have a good time.

And as easy as it is to talk to people in these parties, it’s also very easy to leave when things get a lot awkward.

Sport Centers

If you are into sports, then the best place for you to meet friends who like the same thing you do is the sports center. You can even join a sports club of your choice and hang out with people you can play your favorite game with.

If you like basketball, then you might want to visit the basketball court after school or during weekends. In short, go to places where people like you are hanging out. It’s a lot easier to start friendships if you have things in common since it’s a great conversation starter.

Campus Organizations

Most likely, if you are a freshman, your college life in the first week or month of college is going to be between classrooms and your dorm only. But if you want to know how to make friends in college, you might add a few activities in your schedule where you can be social, like joining campus organizations.

Whether you like sports, supporting social causes, music, arts, or any recreational activity or career aspiration, there’s going to be a club for it. It’s one of the best ways to meet a lot of people and have repeated interactions with them since these groups usually have regular meetups.

Campus Events

College is not just laden with classes; there’s going to be a lot of extra-curricular activities too. Attending campus events is one of the excellent ways to meet new people and potential friends.

It doesn’t mean you have to come to every event, even if it’s not to your liking. There’s going to be lots of gatherings that cater to a variety of people. There’s going to e karaoke nights, music festivals, free craft nights, themes dances, sports events, protests, and many others. Choose the events you would like to participate in, and you can find new people who share the same interests as you.


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If you are not in your dorms, then you are most probably in your classes if you are still anxious about going anywhere in such a strange place. There’s no need to venture out where you might not be ready to go yet when you can make potential friendships with your classmates.

If you share the same classes, you might be sharing the same experiences too. Classes make an excellent space to start a conversation with other people, especially if you’ve going to have group activities.

Campus Part-Time Jobs

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It’s a lot the same as doing internships. If you have extra time and looking for simple ways to earn some cash, doing part-time jobs in or out of the campus is an excellent choice. It is also a great way to meet new people and make friends.

It doesn’t have to be full time. You can work for several hours a day in the campus post-office or a coffee shop outside the campus.


Internships in college are not just to get some credits or getting your feet in the right place when it comes to a future career. It’s also an amazing way to meet new people. Plus, it is also a wonderful common ground to start conversations, which is where friendship starts.

If you apply for internships or research assistantships at the college, you gain experience and make some new friends at the same time. It’s a win-win.


There are a lot of places and ways you can meet people. Another option you can try is meeting new friends online, whether it’s on social media or through apps like we have. It’s easy to filter out people who have the same interests as you in these mediums. It’s a wide digital world, and you can meet more people than you would have the chance to walk alongside the campus hallway. But, just make sure they are genuine.


Being in a new place can already be anxiety-inducing, much more, if you are to start making friends with people you haven’t talked to before. But, that is what college is all about; making new experiences and making new friends and relationships. This article should be able to help you with how to make friends in college with some tips and tricks.


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