How to Meet New People in Your Area

How to Meet New People in Your Area

Best way to meet new people in your area

If you’re bored or new in town, how do you meet new people in your area? What if that “someone” – that complete stranger you have not even met – turn out to be one of the best buddies you should have known earlier in your life? What if that “someone” shares the same passion and interests as you have? Meeting a complete stranger can be one of the best decisions you can ever make.  

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How To Make New Friends In Your Area

Image result for friends Making new friends in your area can be quite challenging especially when you’re an introvert. Just in case you don’t know, introverts are more of the “reserved” than the “outgoing” type of individuals. While both types of individuals can have their own set of friends, the former can have some difficulties in meeting new people and adding them in their social circle. Having friends are an important part of everyone’s lives. Friends make the world more wonderful to live in because they are also the ones whom we spend time with – whether at school, work, or within your community. In truth, a person cannot live a happy and sensible life without having at least one friend. Even pets and family members can be your friend, so there’s no excuse not having a friend after all! Nonetheless, being shy can hinder you from making friends. However, it is understandable as not all people have the same way of coping socially. If you belong to the introvert side, you can still make friends without forcing yourself to make one. Here are some tips for meeting new people in your area to help overcome your shyness and unleash your outgoing side:
  1. Find someone whom you share a common interest with.

You can mostly find these people in your local club or group. For example, you can join your local yoga or art class, and most probably you will make friends with people who share the same interests as you. If you find someone doing something that catches your attention, ask that person about it. That question can spark a conversation between you and that person, and may lead to a potential friendship.
  1. Listen.

In connection to above, it is important to take sincere interest in what others do and say. After all, a good friend is also a good listener. When they’re talking, make eye contact and make sure to focus on the person and what he or she is saying. Make some comments about what the other person is saying, like “That’s nice”, or add some follow-up questions to sustain the conversation.
  1. Don’t try too hard.

Sometimes, trying too hard can lead to awkward and embarrassing outcomes. Be yourself and don’t push yourself too much just to make friends. You can try observing your surrounding first, then you can refer to tip number one (refer above).
  1. Bring a story to share.

You can make friends with people interested in you if you have your own story to share. It is not really bad to open up and be honest with your stories, whether it’s a story of success or life struggles. Share about the story about your beloved pet, how you lost weight, and so on. It can spark more conversations from there.
  1. Smile.

This is the most important thing you can give to other people. More often than not, you can make people feel more comfortable with you when you smile at them. Smiling is also a good alternative in saying “Hi” if you are too shy to say it in person. A smile is one of the best gifts you can ever give to other people. The above tips can truly help you make new sets of friends, even if you are naturally and awkwardly shy. You cannot be just too shy forever, go and make some friends! They can make your world a better place to live. Just make sure that you choose friends who will make you a better person instead of the other way around.

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You can also do a lot of things with Outist, aside from the opportunity to meet new people in your area and explore places you have never been to. With Outist, you can:
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  • Get recommendations that is related to your interests
  • Add your own events to your calendar for the app users to see
  • Check event time and details so you won’t miss out on anything
  • Buy tickets and check-in via Outist app

Outist is More than Just a Social Networking App!

By using the Outist app, you will never get bored. More so, it’s not the usual app you use to romantically link with other people (although what happens to your events are already beyond our control). Rather, it’s more about exploring the world you didn’t know existed, trying out something new, and engaging in unforgettable experiences with people who share the same interests as you have. In other words, it’s all about making friends in your area while doing things that you love!

Don’t Be Alone When You’re Bored

It is important to keep yourself busy to avoid boredom. However, it can slowly creep into you when you least expect it. It is true that there are certain days when you find yourself staring into your bedroom ceiling, thinking what to do next. However, it is easy to meet new people in your area who want to do the same thing as you. Do you need ideas for things to do with a partner when you’re bored?
  1. Use Google.

Try Googling random persons that interest you, such as people from history, an urban legend that has been going around for some time, or even that movie you’ve been wanting to watch before but you have forgotten to do so. You will soon be surfing around the Internet for more information that will feed your mind.
  1. Organize your closet.

Most of us don’t realize how disheveled our closets are until we get bored. You can use this opportunity to clean up your closet and make it more organized. You can even sell those clothes you are not using anymore – instant cash, anyone?
  1. Cook something new.

If you like cooking, why not try a new recipe? You can search for new recipes and then go ahead to your nearest grocery (another way to beat boredom!) in case the ingredients are not readily available at home. Make friends and show your creativity.
  1. Read a book at a bookstore.

You can try reading a book in a public place like your local library, bookstore, or park. Relax in the proper environment and you will be more approachable while doing your favorite activity.
  1. Share Stories.

You don’t need to be a skilled storyteller to talk about your life – everyone can do it. You can learn a lot about someone’s personal journey in his or her everyday life. You can share stories about your interests – make-up, food, travels, parenting, and other topics that interest you the most. You can really get to know someone when making friends in your area.
  1. Have a makeover.

Bored with your look? Then try having your hair cut and colored, experiment with new hairstyles, have your nails done, and even have a spa session. Not only will it kill your boredom, you will feel refreshed and beautiful, too!  
  1. Play with your pets.

If you have pets at home, why not bond with them? Have some walks in your neighborhood, or give them a bath or a belly scratch. You will both enjoy the experience.
  1. Watch YouTube videos.

You can find a lot of videos online – from pets, history, makeup tutorials, funny videos… the topics are endless! Enjoy this side of the Internet, and you won’t definitely get bored anymore! The world is a huge place, so it’s important to connect and meet with people in your area. If you are one of those people who live their lives to the fullest, Outist is one great app to do the things you love! This app is coming soon on App Store and Play Store.

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