How to Be More Social and Confident

How to Be More Social and Confident

Especially if you are introverted and a bit awkward when there’s a lot of people, there are ways and tips on how to be more social and how to be more fun to help polish your social skills.

Being fun and sociable, simply put, is a wonderful trait that a lot of people appreciate in others. If you are a fun person, they are more likely to be around you or be with you. If you are a sociable and fun person at a party, more people would want to hang out with you.

But, not everyone is blessed to be outgoing and the life of the party. Fortunately, you can improve your social skills and be a fun person to be with.

Here are some excellent tips that can help show you how to be more social and fun, and the things to avoid doing that makes less fun to be with.

Things You Can Do to Be More Fun to be Around

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If you want to be more social and more fun, that doesn’t necessarily mean being the loud or over the top one in the group. You can be fun and social in a subdued way. You can also be fun to be around in a low key style.

You can be fun in your own way. But if you are talking about “fun” as in an entertaining person that people flock to during gatherings and parties, then here are some things you can do that makes you the life of the party.

1.  Joke around with your friends.

One of the common ways on how to be more fun is to be that amusing person in the group, someone who likes joking around with others. Most fun people are usually funny. Comedians are usually the ones people want to be with since they can easily give the group a positive and fun vibe with their jokes. People love to be with people who make them laugh.

If you don’t have a naturally amusing personality, you could always pack up on some good joke pieces for as a start.

2.  Try to have fun, naturally or purposely.

Some people can easily have fun, while most need to work for it. If you are not one of those people who can have fun naturally, then you might want to start consciously try to have fun or a good time.

For example, during a party, the last thing you want to do is to hang in the back by yourself, looking for things that can make the party more entertaining to you. Instead of waiting for the fun to come to you, you might want to start the fun yourself. Social and fun people are usually skilled in looking for entertainment or making one from scratch.

3.  Introduce people to new interesting games and adventures.

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It is the same as starting the fun yourself, and you are introducing other people to your brand of fun. If you know of some activities and adventures that your friends will most likely have fun with, don’t be afraid of suggesting it to them. Instead of being like your normal and plain self, be a little bit unpredictable while also getting everyone to get involved. This way, you are not just fun, but everyone’s going to be having fun.

4.  Help people to have fun.

Fun people give off a positive vibe that makes the people around them have fun too. Whether it is through their jokes, fun activities they are starting, or just their overall infectious fun vibe. If you want to know how to be more social, then you might also want to polish your skills at making other people have fun as much as you are having fun.

Fun people are excellent when it comes to convincing other people to let loose and move on from their reserved-ness. A simple joke from here to there or a little harmless peer pressure wouldn’t hurt.

5.  Get in touch with your childish and goofy side.

There are a lot of ways for you to learn how to be more fun or how to be more social. But more often than not, being fun means getting in touch with your childish, immature, and goofy side. If you want to be more fun during a party, for example, you might want to consider getting your sober parts behind for a little bit.

Whether it’s doing some stupid antics or laughing at someone who does, being a little goofy and silly from time to time will make you more fun.

6.  Have some stories and tricks that can make you more fun.

Fun people always have some fun tricks up their sleeves. Not everyone can be that naturally funny person at the drop of a hat. Fortunately, you can get ready for when your shining moment as the life of the party comes.

Pack on some little skills that can make you and other people have a good time. Perhaps, you have some funny stories from your latest adventures, a bunch of jokes you’ve heard, corny magic tricks, or even some funny expressions and dances. These things don’t have to be very good for it to be fun. Sometimes, cheesy and failed part tricks can bring all the fun.

7.  Push things a bit further than you normally would.

If you want to know how to be more fun, then you might need to learn how to push things a little bit further than you normally would. Fun people get on with the fun everyone around is having. If everyone at the party is starting to dance around, you have to get on the dance floor as well. If someone is making outrageous and silly jokes, you laugh with their antics or make jokes yourself too.

While you don’t always have to do all these things, but pushing things a bit from time to time will help you be more social and fun. The key is when to take things a bit further and when it’s not necessary.

8.  Add a little crazy to what you do.

Aside from throwing jokes and being the funny person in the group, one of the ways for you to learn how to be more social is to get your crazy out from time to time. Being uninhibited and spontaneous can often lead to a lot of entertaining moments with friends. That, however, doesn’t mean you have to start chaos and throw furniture around. Just try to be wacky other than your normal proper and sensible self. Try to say “yes” to new and fun things that you wouldn’t normally do.

Things to Avoid if You Want to Be More Fun

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Another part of learning how to be more fun and how to be more social is to know the things that make you less fun. These are traits you should start to avoid doing unless you want to be “un-fun.”

1.  Not doing anything with your friends.

There is nothing more “un-fun” in a group of friends than someone who doesn’t want to do anything with them. So, if you are ready to have a good time, you might want to spend more time being with your friends or other people. Although staying with yourself and being alone sometimes is good, you might want to say “yes” to some activities your friends are cooking up for the holiday.

Stop shooting down all their party invitations and start attending those you can. When the group is planning to do something new, don’t be the one that drags their plans. Be open to their suggestions and give some inputs too.

2.  Hanging back quietly during gatherings and parties.

If you want to learn how to be more social, then stop hanging back in the background during parties. Don’t be a downer. If you were to attend a party or any gathering with family, friends, or coworkers, be present and enjoy their company.

Avoid being the “less” fun people who sit silently at the back of the room alone or staring into space while everyone is enjoying the dance floor.

3.  Too picky about what makes you entertained.

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There are reasons why you’re one of the people who hang at the back while the party is in full swing. Maybe you are just shy, or you have a different brand of what is entertaining to you.

Making a tally of what is wrong with the party, the place, or the people they are with makes you less fun to be around, so stop doing that. Instead, make the best way out of every situation. Don’t focus on finding reasons why you can’t have fun or thinking that you can only have fun when the circumstances are perfect.

4.  Sitting back and waiting for the entertainment to come to you.

One of the worst traits of people who are less fun is sitting back waiting for the fun to come to them. Fun people usually take the initiative to start the entertainment at a party, whether that’s to meet and talk to other people or being the first one on the dance floor.

If you are at a party, don’t hang back waiting for other people to approach and talk to you or relying on your friends to introduce you to other people in the party. Leave your passive attitude if you want to learn how to be more fun to be around with.

5.  Being overly serious.

Being serious is fun, especially in technical matters. However, if you want to know how to be more social, then you might want to tone down your overly serious nature a little bit. Being too uptight is a trait for less fun people, something you have to quit.

Lighten up a little bit, embrace new experiences, and new people you could meet. Don’t control your environment like you normally would. Instead, let loose and embrace the fun situations.

6.  Being a downer.

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When everyone is having fun, don’t be the one that ends their entertainment. Being a downer is a trait you have to end if you want to know how to be more social. One of the best social skills you have to learn is to be sensitive to others, and what might bring their mood down. No one wants to be with a buzz kill.

If you are out with friends and they are laughing around, stop saying you’re bored or starting depressing topics.

7.  Seeing having fun as immature and nonsense.

It is somewhat the same as being overly serious. Less fun people see having a good time as nonsense, and something only shallow people do. If you badly want to know how to be more fun, then you have to stop seeing having fun as something silly and immature.

Tips in Improving Overall Social Skills for Introverts

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Not everyone is blessed to have excellent social skills. Some people need to work hard at having fun when they just want to be alone or if they are too shy to meet with other people. Fortunately, social skills can be practiced and learned.

Although it might not make you the funniest person you want to be overnight, it’s not completely impossible. It can, however, take a lot of time before you get comfortable at being social, but here are some additional tips to help you steer in the right way.

1.  Start small.

It’s not easy to change from being the quiet one to being socially gifted. The key is to start small, but start right. To be more social and fun to be with, start by expanding your comfort zone little by little. You can start by going to places where you can meet people you hadn’t met before or talked to people other than those from your circle of friends.

2.  Get comfortable being with other people.

If you want to learn how to be more fun, then you have to start getting comfortable about being with other people and speaking to them. Don’t get yourself overwhelmed when people you don’t know speak to you or when they speak to much.

3.  Learn to act as social people do.

There are a lot of simple social skills that you can learn to be more social and fun. Smiling a lot, for one, will help bring you good vibes. Plus, it’s infectious, and more people will like to be around you if you look smiling and friendly.

4.  Find a hobby that forces you to be social.

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Sometimes, it’s easy to be cocooned in your comfort zone. However, if you are serious about learning how to be more social, then you might have to get out of your safe space and explore. Find a hobby where you can meet a lot of new people and possibly make new friends. This will practice your social skills and get you more comfortable around other people. When you’re comfortable enough to be around strangers, then it would be easier for you to let loose and ultimately be fun to be around.

Social Skills to Practice to be More Fun to be Around

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Good social skills make a lot of difference, especially if you want to be someone whom other people like to be around. Here are five skills that you might want to start improving right now to be more social and fun in general.


Smiling makes you a lot more approachable than when you don’t. If you want to be a fun kind of person, then you might want to polish your smiling skills. Smile at anyone and everyone. Smile in even the littlest things that you do or when you interact with other people, like when you are being served on a restaurant or when you meet your neighbors. Smile at children in the park or the elderly. If you smile a lot, you’ll get used to it. Soon enough, smiling will come naturally to you, which is an excellent way to elevate your mood and make you more fun to be around. Everybody wants to be with somebody who has a positive vibe, and smiling will give that to you.

Looking People in the Eye

It’s not enough that you become the loudest person in the room. A good social skill means you interact with other people, which means striking up conversations and not just talking about yourself all the time. In this case, you also have to improve your eye contact skills. Looking at people in the eyes, especially when you are talking to them to listening to what they have to say, is one of the perfect ways to do when interacting with other people.

Greeting Anyone and Everyone

Even a simple “good morning” or “good afternoon” can bring a lot of good vibes to you and the people you interact with. Greeting people, even as you see them on the street or the grocery store, can build a sense of goodwill. These simple greetings can help establish a positive and healthy relationship with people. Getting them comfortable and at ease around you will help start making a fun relationship with them.

Asking Questions

One of the essential skills you have to polish if you want to be more social is how to strike up a conversation. If you want to know how to be more social or  how to be more fun, if you don’t know how to start a conversation, then you can start by asking generic questions such as “how are you?”

Questions are often excellent conversation starters. Especially if you know some things about them before, you can follow up with questions about what they are doing right now. Asking questions also makes people feel comfortable talking or simply being with you.

Remembering Names

One of the best ways to becoming social and more fun is to have lots of people you know who you actually remember their names. People like it when you call them using their names when you talk to them, making the interaction more personal. Although a greeting to your neighbor in the morning might be good, it will even become great if you greet them and saying their name at the same time. So, pick up on a lot of names of the people you’ve seen or talk to for a couple of times.


Everyone wants to hang with people who are easy to be with, fun to be around and knows how to have a good time. Being a downer and overly critical and negative are some of the traits you have to quit if you want to know how to be more social.

Check out if your social skills are good and have improved. Meet new people, whether it’s from your favorite coffee shop or online through our app. Although it wouldn’t be easy and you wouldn’t have excellent social skills overnight, these tips should be able to help you learn how to be more fun and how to be more social in no time.


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