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Meeting People and Making Friends in Atlanta

As the most celebrated cities in the South are known for, Atlanta’s a place that offers a warm welcome & hospitable hand to all types of people from all sorts of cultures.

Artists, athletes, and average ATLiens alike come together under a common love for the town they call home. Maybe you call it home, too, and you came upon this article wondering how you could become a part of the culture brewing within Georgia’s lively capital.

Outside of pride in their city, few Atlanta residents have anything in common outside of their willingness to be themselves to the greatest extent. If you feel you’re ready to show your true self & give that expression your all, you’ll fit in just fine.

Now you just have to figure out where exactly you can find some new friends. Fortunately for you, there are as many ways to meet people as there are people to meet. We couldn’t possibly get through them all, but here are some of our favorite ways to get to know people in town.


Fernbank After Dark

I don’t know what type of kid you were in school, but I was the one who’d go on the field trip to the museum and try to get them to leave me there. I always wondered what happens in a museum at night, but now I have to wonder no longer.

Not during the 2nd Friday of every month at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, anyway. Then they begin Fernbank After Dark, when they whip out the alcohol, tapas & music, along with access to the museum and live scientific demonstrations.

If you wouldn’t ever be affiliated with someone who wouldn’t enjoy watching science experiments while pounding out drinks, this might be your new spot to make some friends. If you see the same people every month, that could very well be the new crew you roll with.



Just as you might bond with new people over your interests, you can form tight connections with people when you work toward a shared goal. If you want that effort to be directed at your fellow Atlantans, why not volunteer with one of the many charities & nonprofits in the city?

As with many other cities around the world, there are people of all ages that could use your help, whether you spend your time educating children, supplying families with food, or taking care of the environment the whole city depends on.

There’s an added bonus, too, which you can probably suspect given the nature of the article. When you see somebody volunteering with you, you’ll know there’s at least one good thing about them (hopefully), and that’s more than you’ll know about almost anyone else you meet.

Many places accepting your help can be found with a simple internet search, although Hands On Atlanta is a decent place to start, in our opinion.


Political Activism

Perhaps you’d rather dedicate your time & effort towards an effort that’ll bring positive change in the government. Candidates don’t just get elected off of their own charisma & campaign ads; people have to dedicate their time to spreading the word.

“I want to be one of those people,” you might be thinking. Great! That’s why we included this section! While we can’t know which people are running for office when you’re reading this article, looking up the candidates for upcoming elections should be effective.

Plenty of friendships fell apart because of politics over the past few years. Don’t let yours be the next. Not everyone who supports your candidate is going to be a winner, but you’ll have a better time with them if you know you already agree on core issues.


atlanta beltline


It’s not technically done yet (and won’t be until 2030, according to the city of Atlanta), but a list about the city would seem empty without at least some discussion of the BeltLine.

Along with being a beautiful place to walk & look at some art (it’s one of the biggest public art exhibits in the South), it’s also host to many activities where you can meet with all sorts of folks & potentially make some new BFFs.

All sorts of workouts, runs & aerobics sessions take place on a regular basis, and new events are posted regularly on the BeltLine website.


Open Mic

If Atlanta’s been known for anything in its history, especially as of late, it’s the rich musical pedigree that’s been developing for decades. Artists across disciplines, especially rappers, have found great success coming from ATL, and who knows? Maybe you’re next.

Ok, maybe you’re not next, but who are we to stop you from finding out? Before you have anyone booking you for shows to see your talents, you’ll have to participate in some open mics (or post onto SoundCloud, but I digress).

All stripes of creative souls gather at these events, and if you’re a creative you’ll know that bonding with similar people is a must. Whether you’re a rapper, comedian, or pop sensation, now’s your chance to get on the stage.


Art Class

“Well I see myself standing in a gallery as people witness my latest exhibit, not on stage at a sold-out show.” Your dreams can be realized here, too. I can’t tell how good you are (I’m writing this in the past and cannot see you), but brushing up your skills at a class never hurt.

There are classes all around, including the Spruill Center for the Arts, which hosts classes for kids & adults alike that range across a variety of mediums. Their offered courses cover painting, sculpting, jewelry design, photography, and much more.


going outdoors atlanta

The Great Outdoors

It can be easy to forget when you’re deep in the city, but Atlanta has all types of outdoor activities open to the people. If you’re like me & crave the sight of a tree whenever you’ve been surrounded by buildings & honking cars for too long, you may be in luck.

Like-minded individuals are gathering by the droves to conquer all the challenges that Mother Nature throws in our way, and they’re all a part of the Atlanta Outdoor Club. The club hosts hundreds of events every year, with some aimed directly at newcomers.

Making new friends in adulthood can be quite the mountain to climb, but if you look in the right places you can find some wonderful people to summit it with you.


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